Change of Season - Recovery and traing tips


Autumn is here!

Are you still training the same way you were in summer?


Change Your Routine

A change of season is a great opportunity for switching up your routine to continue challenging yourself. It’s also a reminder that different weather conditions need to be taken into consideration when planning your routine.


Prep like a Pro

During colder months it’s much more important to take the time for warm ups to avoid muscle strain. A few ideas can be to have a hot shower before you head out, longer stretches or more time doing light exercise before you step up the intensity.

Check out Tim Robards tips for “How to prep like a pro”.


Self-massage to Prevent Pain

Cold temperatures escalate muscle aches and pains. Regular movement, massage and products such as compression clothing and deep heat will help with blood circulation.

Here’s a video tutorial for Self-massage for Optimal Recovery with Tim Robards using Deep Heat


Stay Hydrated

A common mistake people make is relying on caffeinated hot drinks like tea and coffee when it’s cold. While they are enjoyable, these drinks will NOT keep you hydrated. Don’t forget your good old water and/or hydration products during the cooler seasons, we need to stay hydrated all year round. Read about Good Hydration Habits here.


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07 Apr