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Getting the team together and playing the sport you love sure is good for you. Scoring goals and friends, plus the health and fitness benefits = :)


Before a new competition kicks off there’s preparation to be done and part of that is being prepared for is injuries – they happen. Really, who plays sport all the time and has NOT been injured? We know you care about your team; so having quality tape on hand for injuries will help immensely with their prevention and recovery.


Finding the best tape to fill your first aid kit can be a tedious and expensive exercise. Not to mention those members who have allergies. You could be doing some pre-competition practice instead of checking all those labels and prices.


That’s why we’re here to hook you up with d3 tape. d3 tapes are:

  • Latex free,
  • High quality, and best of all,
  • Will NOT break the bank.


The d3 chemists have spent years removing nasties that can cause allergic reactions. You’ll love them (and your team will thank you).


You don’t even need to find a physical shop that stocks d3 if you order online with Club Warehouse, we’ll deliver the tape to you, where ever you are in Australia!


…Now all you need to do is lock up the kit so no one pinches your goodies.


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28 Sep