With 10 weeks to go this week Rob is really focusing on using recovery tools to his advantage – foam rollers & muscle balls have become his best friend. 

Rob & his coach Michael Pratt talk about the focus on recovery.

So far Rob’ss been following a program where he builds for two weeks and one week of recovery. This week Rob is entering his third week of build so Rob needs to be careful with his recovery.

The long run is being increased and also a focus on holding the pace.

The two recovery tools Rob has been using are the Foam Roller& Muscle Ball.

Foam Rollers are a great tool for athletes from all sports. They focus on rolling out the key muscle groups. Rob will focus on using it on his glutes, itb, hamstring & calf.

Muscle balls are also a fantastic tool for really getting into some of those sore points.

Good tip from travelling athletes is to take the muscle ball on the plane to keep the muscles moving during those long flights.

See you next week!

11 Aug