Preseason is well underway for our elite winter clubs and with many of our community clubs starting their preseason training before Christmas, it’s timely that we take time out to have a look at three areas that can have an influence on how effective your preseason campaign is for your club.

The focus for most clubs in the period leading up to the end of January is on their general strength and conditioning, which usually means plenty of running and weight work. As we all know, this time of the year spells the start of warm weather across Australia. It’s important that you have a hydration plan in place for your athletes to enable them to get the most out of the training efforts without suffering the adverse effects of dehydration.

Access to a good quality electrolyte drink is important and with numerous brands on the market it makes your choice hard. Each of the major brands offer a variety of drinks that claim to be able to keep your athletes hydrated and improve performance.

When choosing which type of electrolyte drink is right, key things to consider are:

  • Water is often the best form of hydration
  • Avoid drinks that are high in sugar
  • Premixed drinks can often be bulky to handle, are often expensive and you can get a fair amount of wastage

Brands such as Hydralyte, Nuun and Shotz are all low in sugar and offer varying degrees of electrolyte composition. Each of come in sachet or tablet form, which are easily dropped into a drink bottle by athletes in the dosage required for them to be effective. No wastage and they are cost effective.

More information about these products can be found on our website.

The strength and conditioning focus and the work rate of your athletes leads to tired bodies and muscles. It’s important that your athletes understand how to recover properly to ensure they can keep up with the required work load. Access to a suitably qualified exercise physiologist or strength and conditioning coach will take care of your program and your physiotherapist will take care of any injuries, but there are others things you can do as club or as athletes to assist in the recovery process.

These things include:

  • Consider engaging a myotherapist or massage therapist to provide massage and deep tissue therapy to tired muscles
  • Foam rollers, spikey massage balls and self-massagers are another simple cost effective and easy to use solution
  • For clubs looking for a more sophisticated form of recovery and have a budget, there are a few electronic recovery devices such the Recovery Pump and ProIce available on the market that offer quick and effective athlete recovery

More information about recovery products can be found on our website.

Finally, all of the running being done in the preseason often leads to blisters and foot problems, especially if new shoes or boots are involved. Left untreated these problems can compound and keep athletes off the training track and set back their preparations for the new season. So it’s important that your athletes take care of their feet and there are numerous products on the market to assist with ensuring that you don’t get foot problems.

These products include:

  • Blister foam to prevent blisters occurring
  • Blister plasters treat blisters once they occur and allow athletes to continue training without discomfort

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04 Dec