Club Warehouse are excited to announce the arrival of Science in Sport (SiS) products onto shelves, offering customers a wide new range of sports nutrition products!

Now stocking SiS Isotonic energy gels, Hydro Tablets and Electrolyte powder, Club Warehouse are thrilled to welcome SiS on board, a leading sports nutrition company who develop products for the elite sports and active amateur landscape.

Used by notable Olympians such as Mark Cavendish, as well as powerhouse football side Manchester United, SiS have a terrific reputation in the elite sporting community.

Every batch of SiS finished product that leaves the company is tested against the 2017 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Batches are sampled before, during and at the end of production, ensuring a high standard of testing followed by only a handful of companies in the industry.

To learn more about SiS products, visit the SiS product section of our website and study the product catalogue below!


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26 Aug