“Have you ever felt lethargic, dizzy or weak? These are all signs of dehydration. Summer is coming and it’s the most important time to be keeping an eye on your hydration levels.
But what can you do when simple water isn’t enough?

Things you might not know about Hydralyte:
• Contains the correct balance of electrolytes and glucose required for rapid rehydration.
• Comes in ice block, liquid, powder or tablet form.
• Great for hot days, hard workouts and even when dehydrated from excessive alcohol.
• Can help when sick with vomiting or diarrhoea.
• Low in sugar and calories (the right combination for effective hydration).

Shotz Energy Gel:
• Is a formulation of natural carbohydrates that provides fuel to energise the brain and active muscles.
• Has a smooth consistency with natural flavours that have a great after taste.
• Dissolves quickly into your system giving you fast fuel.
• Is gluten free.

Pickle Juice:
• Contains 10x more electrolytes than other sports drinks.
• Stops muscle cramps.
• Is 100% natural, sugar free and caffeine free.
• Comes in shot form for portability or as a sports drink.


Club Warehouse stocks all these products to help you stay hydrated this summer. Check them out in the links above”


Pickle Juice

Shotz Energy Gel

30 Nov