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Premax’s Founder & Managing Director, Randall Cooper explains what happened in this open letter:




Many of our valued customers have noticed that Premax massage creams haven’t been perfect over the past 18 months or so. You’re right. We tried to do the right thing, but we missed the mark. I owe people an explanation.


We took the opportunity to progress our business into international markets in 2017, and in doing so we were required to change one of our raw ingredients in the massage creams – Borax. Borax has been banned in cosmetic products in the EU for a few years now, and we were happy to take it out along with parabens.


Borax was one of the main ingredients that emulsified the massage creams. In changing the emulsification system it’s been a work in progress. When we first manufactured the ‘new borax-free formula’ in 2016, it was too soft, too slippery, too greasy, and didn’t provide the texture that our customers wanted. We made a change.


We worked on the formula again last year and introduced Bentone clay to give it more texture and grip. Despite thorough testing, the massage creams didn’t travel well, breaking down into a lotion form with rough transit and heat. Our Essential and Sport creams were the worst affected, so rather than serve up suboptimal products to our customers, we took them off the market and made a commitment to only sell products that are outstanding.


In the past 6 months we’ve left no stone unturned, and have refined the creams further. We’ve tested like we’ve never tested before, with the creams undergoing every stress test there is, and then some of our own. We sent samples to London and back on a plane, had people go jogging with them in backpacks, we routinely did the treatment table drop test, but most importantly we ensured that the creams were a beautiful, market leading texture. Again, they’re non-greasy, creamy, effective, long lasting and wipe off easily.


This is what have we done to our creams to get them back to being the best there is;

  1. Increased the level of beeswax
  2. Added a small percentage of Lanolin wax
  3. Reduced the level of Bentone Clay
  4. Strengthened the emulsification system


What it means;

  • A firmer set of the creams in the jar (no spilling)
  • Improved product stability during transit and warm conditions
  • Improved texture and feel for both therapists and clients/athletes


We’ve subtly reduced the grip/drag of our Original massage cream, however it still remains our product for isolated, deep tissue, and myofascial work. Our Sport Massage Cream has been retired. We’re working on an exciting new product that will supersede this and we’ll release this later in 2018.


I would like to acknowledge and thank our many customers that stuck with us, and to those that we have let down I would like to sincerely apologize. We’re on a mission to regain your trust.


Respectfully Yours,


Randall Cooper

Founder & Managing Director, Premax



Premax is a brand dedicated to producing only the best products that all customers deserve, which is why we’re proud to have their massage creams back in stock at Club Warehouse and ready to send out to you!




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27 Mar