Profuse, persistent bleeds and hard to treat areas tie up resources and reduce the trainers effectiveness. BleedSolv’s unique three stage process stops the bleeding and conforms easily to any wound site, then breaks down to carbohydrates and saline. No need for debriding or disturbing the site. BleedSolv accelerates healing.

Unlike other products, BleedSolv is ready to use and requires no special training or storage. Clinical testing show, BleedSolv promotes rapid clotting even in the presence of significant clotting dysfunction. BleedSolv, is idea for sports trainers looking to quick treat injured players or can also be used in the workplace or school environment.

BleedSolv’s bacteriostatic properties, unique mechanisms and all natural ingredients means safe, effective results on any part of the body, for burns and in locations where it’s hard to maintain a sterile site.


15 Nov