Kinesiology tape is soft and stretchy. It moves with the skin to provide increased blood flow which takes pressure off pain points. Kinesiology supports and promotes injury recovery by reducing muscle fatigue, providing increased range of motion and supporting better quality muscle contraction.


d3 Kinesiology tape



Strapping Technique


1. Prepare skin

For best adhesion, your skin should be dry and clean. Removing oils, creams and hair will give you the best result.


2. Measure tape for efficient use

Peel your piece of tape off the roll and test the length with the non-adhesive side before cutting.


3. Cut or tear piece of tape

Remove length from roll and make any cuts needed before application.


4. Peel off section of backing

Gradually peel off sections of backing as you are applying them.


5. Apply

Place tape onto skin with minimal tension on the end points so it has room to stretch further with movement.


6. Reinforce

Activate the adhesive by rubbing over the applied tape with a piece of backing.




Relieving Pain

Application for each area will be slightly different. Here are some video examples for the following applications:


Kinesiology Taping for Lower Back Pain




Kinesiology Taping for Shoulder Pain





Kinesiology Taping for Knee Pain





Kinesiology taping for Hamstring Pain





Kinesiology Taping for Calf Pain




d3 Kinesiology Tape is

  • High quality
  • Latex free (good for sensitive skin)
  • Affordable


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