Did you know that Deep Heat can be used for more than just temporary pain relief? Deep Heat loosens tight muscles, increases blood circulation and you can feel it working. It can be used before and after exercise, during massage and can be used with strapping.


 Deep Heat massage oil Deep Heat Lotion

Sports Prep Massage Lotion

Sports Recovery Massage Oil

PREPARATION pre game RECOVERY after game
Ideal for warm-up before strapping Ideal for massage post-game
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Warm up muscles
  • Help prevent muscle injury
  • Warm down muscles
  • Maintain blood circulation
  • Help speed muscle recovery
Heating scale: 6/10 Heating scale: 5/10




  • Immediate long lasting warming sensation
  • Increases blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels
  • Delivers more oxygen & nutrients to the muscles
  • No impact on PAIN
  • Unique to Deep Heat


Deep Heat products available from Club Warehouse:

Deep Heat Regular – 100g
Deep Heat Regular – 140g
Deep Heat Massage Oil – 400ml
Deep Heat Lotion – 500g

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