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Detailed information and video demonstrations of Delta-Cast® Elite and Delta-Dry®products can be found below.



Ease of application is one of the most desired product features in the application of cast tapes. Delta-Cast® Elite is a light-weight, non-fiberglass but rigid cast which was designed to offer ease of application combined with a high level of patient comfort.

Excellent conformability helps create well-fitting anatomic casts

  • Patented* elastic polyester yarns offer excellent conformability for wrinkle-free application
  • Conforms well to difficult or bony body contours
  • No tuck and fold required during application
  • Helps avoid constrictions

Resin formulated for a better molding “touch”

  • Slip agent surfactant creates a slippery touch during working time for an optimal molding feeling
  • Freedom to work with glove of your choice
  • Reliable, precise working time window
  • Excellent pliability throughout working time

It’s the Number of Details
That Makes the Difference in the End

The features of Delta-Cast® Elite aim to secure therapy success by offering superb wearing comfort and lasting support.

Strong lamination for secure immobilization and lasting support

  • Secure lamination between layers ensures long-term durability
  • High rigidity and strong stability of cast gives self-confidence
  • High durability reduces risk of cast breakdown

Excellent end lay down and flawless, smooth surface

  • Secure lamination of end of bandage
  • Smooth surface minimizes snag on clothing and bed linens
  • Soft edges for improved patient comfort and compliance
Increased compliance

Benefits at a Glance

  • Excellent conformability
  • Strong lamination
  • Excellent molding “touch”
  • Reliable working time window
  • Fiberglass-free
  • Smooth finish & soft edges
  • Free choice of glove
  • Latex-free formula
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Highly radiolucent






Delta-Dry®’s unique patented technology outperforms other water resistant cast padding, making Delta-Dry® the best choice for medical professionals and a more convenient solution for their patients over traditional cast padding.

  • Less disruption in lifestyle.
  • Allows patients to shower, bathe and swim like normal.
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